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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sheikh Nazir Ul Mehdi Mohammadi has been elected as the new President Anjuman Jamiatul Ulama Houza Elmiyah Asna Ashria Kargil

27th Rajab 1437 H.
05 05 2016
Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslameen Sheikh Nazir Ul Mehdi Mohammadi has been elected as the new President of the influential Religious Organization of Ladakh Anjuman Jamiatul Ulama Houza Elmiyah Asna Ashria (Islamia School Kargil) for the next Five years. The Ullama (Religious Scholars) as well as Senior Citizens of Kargil district participated in this election as per the guidelines and By Laws already existing.

Shiekh Nazir Ul Mehdi is the Son of Late Religious Leader of Ladakh and Former President Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslameen Sheikh Ahmad Mohammadi and was the top contender as a new face amongst the people and Religious Scholars.

He defeated the lone contender for the Post, and former Vice President Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslameen Aga Syed Jamal Uddin Mossavi.
A total of 242 votes were in favour of The Elected President out of 370.
On this occasion talking to the Ullama Council and the people of Kargil Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi thanked the people for keeping faith in him and electing him for this important and responsible post.

He presented his resolution as the new President that he will try to strengthen the works of Islamia School Kargil and will restructure the Important and needful, the Youth Wing of Islamia School Kargil.

He urged upon the people to present their views and suggestion to him through a suggestion box which will be placed at the gate of Islamia School Kargil and will be the first task he is going to do.

He also thanked Former Vice president Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslameen Aga Syed Jamal Uddin Mossavi and former executive members for carrying the mission of Islam.

Others who were elected as the Executive Body of Islamia School Kargil are, Hujatul Islam Wal Muslamneen Aga Syed Zia Uddin as Vice President, Hujatul Islam Wal Muslamneen Sheikh Ibrahim Khalili Pashkum as General Secretary and Hujatul Islam Wal Muslamneen Sheikh Mohammad Amin Amini as Casher.
Later some of the Religious Scholars as well as former representatives of various Region of Kargil, including Imam e Jumma wal Jamaa't Hujatul Islam Wal Muslameen Sheikh Mohammad Hussain Mufeed , Hojjatul Islam Walmuslimeen Sheikh Hassan Waizi interacted with the people insured to carry forward the mission and goal of Islamia School Kargil in future.

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Former Member of Parliament Al Haj Ghulam Hassan Khan inaugurated the new building of Jaffaria Academy of Modern Education Higher Section in presence of Acting President of Anjuman Jamiat ul Ulama Asna Asharia Islamia School Kargil Ladakh Hojjatul Islam Syed Jamalud Deen Musavi,Haji Anayat Ali Chairman J&K Lagislative Council , Haji Mohammad Hanifa Jan. Chairman/Chief Executive Councilor KargilL.A.H.D.C Kargil at Kurbathang neae Project VIJAYAK Headquarters.
On this Occasion the speakers threw light on the importance of education in Islam and need of imparting quality education for a better society which should be the aim of each and every teacher/society as well as students.

The Chief Guest of the Occasion Ghulam Hassan Khan told that students should try to get maximum benefit from the facilities provided to them by these charitable trusts. Appreciating the efforts of Islamia School Kargil for running Jafariya Academy of Modern Education Haji Hassna Khan told that the School should be equipped with all type of modern facilities so that the student can take benefit which in turn helps in building a great nation in future.

Others present on this occasion includes, Executive Members ISK, Executive Councilor LAHDC Kargil Aga Syed Abass Razvi, Deputy Commissioner Kargil Kacho Hassan Khan, Former Minister Qamar Ali Akhone, Chief Engineer Project VIJAYAK, SSP Kargil Rahul Malik, Chairman JAME Gulzar Hussain Munshi and other members, District Officers, Officers of Police Department, Prominent Citizens, Principal JAME and its Staff, Parents and Students.
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